Personalized planning for your financial goals

Your financial goals, aspirations and investment needs are just that – yours. Your financial plan should reflect them. Rather than ask you to settle for an off-the-shelf investment program, we’re here to provide you with personalized financial planning based on your goals, your time frame, and your individual tolerance for risk.

We offer fee-only portfolio and investment advisory services for Canadian and American individuals, corporations, and trusts.

We design and provide just the right combination of financial services, support and guidance that makes the most sense for your unique requirements. We are excited to be there to help you each step of the way in pursuit of your personal financial goals.

Our clients are individuals, families or corporations with a minimum of $150,000 of investable assets, who are ready to take action to achieve their financial goals.

Are you a potential client?

Are you excited about:

  • Owning your financial future
  • Having a clear financial roadmap
  • Growing your portfolio with tax efficiency
  • Having a plan to preserve your legacy
  • Passing your wealth to your next generation and minimizing taxes
  • Working with a team who always stay on top of your investments and implementation of your financial roadmap

Let’s start with a conversation.

We will answer any questions you may have about our services or your situation and goals.

The art is not in making money, but in keeping it.